My Health Advocacy Part 20 (After Photo at The End of The Post)

The Journey to Pregnancy Chapter Twelve



“Do you want to do the Spartan Program?”

Do keep in mind that the TR90 kit costs Php100,000 or ~$2,000 with a member’s discounted price of Php70,000 or ~$1,350, no small sum in a third world country like the Philippines. Continue reading “My Health Advocacy Part 20 (After Photo at The End of The Post)”

Jar Entry #67 – British Vikings

Hazel’s cousins Petita and Bernadette, along with Isaac and Auntie Cecile, were back from Palawan and since the Brits were leaving in a couple of days, the other relatives arranged for lunch in Vikings, SM Jazz Mall.

It was good to see the Cabigas cousins again. It’s kinda funny that these third cousins of Hazel have a closer bond with her than most of her first or second cousins. The fact that we’ve bonded over food and drinks over the years is pretty awesome too. And even Nixi got to hang out with them as well. Continue reading “Jar Entry #67 – British Vikings”

My Health Advocacy Part 16

The Journey to Pregnancy Chapter Eight

Continuing my discussion about the Spartan Transformation Program, the TR90 Weight Management System is made up of the following products: LifepakJumpstart, Complex, Cntrl, and Trimshake. These come in a kit with instructions, a shaker, measuring tape, a Karada scale, a plate with divisions,  and all in a large bag that fits them all. This is how the four products are used: Continue reading “My Health Advocacy Part 16”

Jar Entry #54 – Nixi’s 7th Month!

My Health Advocacy will resume tomorrow.

Today, we celebrate Nixi’s seventh month! Yes, it’s been seven months since she was born and it’s milestone after milestone these days. She is developing quickly and her mind is becoming more and more active. What milestones you say? Let me count the ways: Continue reading “Jar Entry #54 – Nixi’s 7th Month!”

Jar Entry #50 – Interlude continued

Today we got to sleep in for a bit and as soon as we got up we got ready to leave. It’s time to visit Papa Boy, Oneal, Rej, and Lucas in Tahanan Village! Don’t forget to watch the adorable video near the end of the post! Continue reading “Jar Entry #50 – Interlude continued”

Jar Entry #49 – Interlude

My Heath Advocacy continues on Monday.

Today after working on an early patient, I returned home so we could get ready. Today we were going to join Hazel’s Woodrose high school friends for lunch in Manam. Dol, Arlene, Lauren, Carlos, Rhea and her two daughters, and Audrey, Dol’s daughter, were going to join us there. You see, it was Dol’s birthday the other day, and she wanted to celebrate after her classes in AIM.

Continue reading “Jar Entry #49 – Interlude”

Jar Entry #43 – Balay Dako

We woke up at 4:30 am today so that we could make it to Balay Dako (Big House) early enough to be seated at once.

You see, there are guests who are visiting from Hawaii, Earnie and Leilani Juan, and Hazel’s parents wanted to treat them to the breakfast buffet of Balay Dako, a restaurant in Tagaytay that is often packed. We took two cars, with the in-laws, the Juans and the Fontes, Jamie and Gilbert, in the Fortuner, while we, the Roseros, used our CR-V. Continue reading “Jar Entry #43 – Balay Dako”