My Health Advocacy Part 16

The Journey to Pregnancy Chapter Eight


Continuing my discussion about the Spartan Transformation Program, the TR90 Weight Management System is made up of the following products: LifepakJumpstart, Complex, Cntrl, and Trimshake. These come in a kit with instructions, a shaker, measuring tape, a Karada scale, a plate with divisions,  and all in a large bag that fits them all. This is how the four products are used:

This is made up of supplements that contain vitamins and minerals that support the immune system, the heart, pancreas and bones. The contents are already in packets with tablets and these are taken once a day.


For the first 15 days of the program, a packet of this is mixed in water or a beverage every morning. No exercise is encouraged because of how it stresses the body, causing the formation of cortisol. Since one of the goals of the system is to preserve lean muscle mass, cortisol must be kept to a minimum. This is because cortisol can cause the liver to turn protein stores into sugar for energy. Not only can this deplete overall muscle mass, it can also raise blood sugar levels.


These are taken in pairs twice a day 15-20min before meals. It helps burn calories and gives more energy for the day.


This helps stave off food cravings and can actually alter how some foods taste. Also taken in pairs twice a day 15-20min before eating.


This is a meal replacement usually taken in the evening but can be taken during lunch time in case you can’t substitute your dinner for it. It is filling and is a great source of protein.

I’ll talk about coaching in Part 17.

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