Jar Entry #50 – Interlude continued

Today we got to sleep in for a bit and as soon as we got up we got ready to leave. It’s time to visit Papa Boy, Oneal, Rej, and Lucas in Tahanan Village! Don’t forget to watch the adorable video near the end of the post!It’s been about a month since we visited and that time, Lucas, Nixi’s younger cousin, was out with his parents and hanging out with his Grandma Marian. We were slated to arrive there for lunch and so we headed off for the Skyway.

We also didn’t have breakfast yet and couldn’t resist a quick nugget detour at McDonald’s. I’m just glad I rarely eat nuggets and even then I prefer the Hershey’s kind. 😉

We also passed by Razon’s to pick up some sisig and halo-halo. While waiting, I got to play with Nixi a bit. Good thing it warmed her up for playing so that she’ll be sociable when we get to Tahanan.

Finally, we arrive and we get to enjoy a scrumptious spread by the Roseros. Included in the spread was Bicol Express (whew, hot!), laing, Lechon kawali, etc. along with the sisig. Another yummy lunch today!

One of the things that was planned for today was the meeting of the baby cousins. You see, my cousin Jo, her hubby Robbie, and their son Henry, visit their relatives in the same subdivision every other week. Henry is five months old now, and with Nixi going on seven and Lucas almost 3 months, they make up a particular batch of babies born in 2016 to us cousins.

This cuteness overload didn’t last too long as Lucas had to return home after the photo was taken. His grandma had arrived and of course, they had to be there. We stayed a bit longer so we could make one round circumscribing the park. After a brief but fun time, we headed back to the house.

The first time Grandma Marian got to meet Nixi was when she was a couple of days old in the hospital. A stark contrast to now where Nixi is a lot heavier than Lucas, making the contrast between her and Lucas emphasized even further. Nixi was quite sociable though, and they had a blast.

Dinner time soon came and we had some yummy orange pork chops and corn. Of course, we couldn’t eat at the same time due to the babies needing care, but it was adorable seeing them being carried by their respective grandparents. They were even wearing their Storm Pooper outfits!

Shortly before we left, we spent a bit of after dinner conversation when this happened:

Truly a precious moment that is now immortalized online, haha!

Grandma Marian stayed over. Good thing too, as it’s Oneal and Rej’s anniversary tomorrow! Looks like it’s going to be grandma duties while the parents go on a date!

Hazel had a headache that was bothering her all afternoon and while some medicine gave her some relief, I’m hoping that rest tonight and a bit of a massage from yours truly will help. We both have long days tomorrow and I’m glad Mamita will be coming over to help take care of Nixi.

Pleasant dreams!


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