Jar Entry #108 – Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy birthday, Mom!


72 years ago, Dr. Leonor T. Rosero, my mom, was born. She passed away due to cancer a few months after her 65th birthday on Sept 14, 2011. But she will forever be remembered for her humility, her achievements, her wisdom, her patience, and her love.

Baby Baby

I see a lot of her in Nixi, especially when I look at her cheeks, arms, and legs. Maybe someday we’ll see more of her when she starts to talk, study, and achieve.

Maybe Nixi will be as studious as her grandma and her mom, both Cum Laudes in their respective fields. Perhaps the image below will inspire Nixi as well (look for Leonor N. Tripon, “N.” is supposed to be “M.”).

Exam listing

I’m glad I was able to hear mass today so I could pray for her. It’s a small gesture but it greatly resonates with me.

We truly miss you, Mom. Thanks for visiting me in my dreams once in a while. We love you!

Jar Entry #81 – Nixi’s 8th Month!

Dear, dear Nixi! You’ve grown so fast! Already able to stay standing up with some assistance, and often smiling! Continue to be the adorable, beautiful, intelligent, happy child that you are. You make our lives so much better, and we will strive to make yours as joyful as can be. We love you, Harmonie Roxanne Marie!

Jar Entry #68 – Trust The Truth

Today’s talk in the Feast Makati Legaspi was all about Identification. How to identify the truth about you. It’s not about how you have come to see yourself over the years, but knowing how God sees you for who you really are. And God thinks you are awesome. Continue reading “Jar Entry #68 – Trust The Truth”

Jar Entry #67 – British Vikings

Hazel’s cousins Petita and Bernadette, along with Isaac and Auntie Cecile, were back from Palawan and since the Brits were leaving in a couple of days, the other relatives arranged for lunch in Vikings, SM Jazz Mall.

It was good to see the Cabigas cousins again. It’s kinda funny that these third cousins of Hazel have a closer bond with her than most of her first or second cousins. The fact that we’ve bonded over food and drinks over the years is pretty awesome too. And even Nixi got to hang out with them as well. Continue reading “Jar Entry #67 – British Vikings”

Jar Entry #66 – Regular Exercise

I got to work out tonight. That may not seem like such a significant thing, but being able to do so regularly is almost impossible these days. Even with exercise, Nixi can still leave me exhausted by the end of the day. Happy, but exhausted. I’m just glad I still get to do it at least twice a week. Continue reading “Jar Entry #66 – Regular Exercise”

Jar Entry #65 – That Smile

Nixi is the perfect antidote for the fatigue of a long day. People say that your exhaustion disappears when you get home and see your baby after work. I thought it was only a story but I can now definitely say that it’s true. All of it. Continue reading “Jar Entry #65 – That Smile”

Jar #64 – Team Building

Yesterday morning, I got up at 6:30am to get some breakfast going before I left for McDonald’s Greenbelt. What’s so special about that place? That morning, it became the nexus for the Feast Makati Legaspi Servants team building exercises. Since the Feast Makati is held weekly and thus needs to run as a finely-oiled machine, the exercises helped a lot in breaking the ice especially for newcomers like me. Continue reading “Jar #64 – Team Building”