Jar Entry #49 – Interlude

My Heath Advocacy continues on Monday.

Today after working on an early patient, I returned home so we could get ready. Today we were going to join Hazel’s Woodrose high school friends for lunch in Manam. Dol, Arlene, Lauren, Carlos, Rhea and her two daughters, and Audrey, Dol’s daughter, were going to join us there. You see, it was Dol’s birthday the other day, and she wanted to celebrate after her classes in AIM.

But first, we passed by The Columns Legaspi to meet up with Uncle Earnie and Auntie Leilani Juan and to claim the key and ID card they used during their stay here. They flew back to Hawaii this afternoon.

We proceeded to Manam and we were the first in the group to arrive. We couldn’t get seated yet as there wasn’t enough of us present. Apparently, the place doesn’t accept reservations and a group has to be mostly complete before a table can be offered to them. Not a very customer friendly policy, huh?

Dol and Rhea arrived shortly, and we were allowed to sit on a table. Arlene followed and so did Lauren and Carlos a bit later. Audrey also caught up with us. We soon discovered some of the reasons why reservations weren’t allowed.

The dishes in Manam have somewhat of a dual nature. They are either served as classic dishes or with a twist. Suffice it to say, the food that we ordered proved to be outstanding! We had the sisig, the lechon kawali, the squid, the binagoongang rice, the university rice, the turon ala mode, the yema palitaw, and each of us tried one specialty drink. If it wasn’t for the accommodation strategy, I’d give the place more than a 4.5 star rating. To be fair, if the place accepted reservations, it would be booked months in advance!

And so we ate. And ate. And ate! And talked. And caught up on news. We were there before 12:30pm and we stayed for six hours! And still, it didn’t feel that we spent enough time together.

We had to part eventually of course, and Hazel and I decided to attend anticipated mass in AIM. Carlos and Lauren joined us as well. While we were there, Nixi was well-behaved, just as she is in every mass. What we found out after the mass that was fascinating was that the priest who led the mass was mostly blind! No wonder he didn’t have a  bible or missal in front of him! And he usually has someone else read the gospel to him. Fascinating!

After mass, we did a bit of shopping for some essentials and then had dinner in Max’s restaurant. We found out during dinner that Nixi likes Carlos! He picked her up and she never fussed at all! She’s really learning to be very sociable.

After having some ice cream in Ti Amo for dessert, we chatted for a bit then went our separate ways.

It’s always nice to hang out with this group. It’s obvious how much they love each other and it’s nice to see how much that love extends to their families.

Good night!


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