Jar Entry #54 – Nixi’s 7th Month!

My Health Advocacy will resume tomorrow.

Today, we celebrate Nixi’s seventh month! Yes, it’s been seven months since she was born and it’s milestone after milestone these days. She is developing quickly and her mind is becoming more and more active. What milestones you say? Let me count the ways:1. Nixi can now stand on her own by pulling herself up from a sitting position in the crib

2. Nixi can sit up from lying on her back with great effort.

3. She says “dadadadada” when she wants to play. Apparently, I’m her playmate!

4. She says “Mama” or “Mommy” when she’s fussing and looking for Hazel.

5. She can mimic certain sounds that we make, so she might have the makings of a singer!

6. She is more sociable now as long as she gets comfortable with the surroundings first and as long as her parents are with her.

7. She will laugh or giggle a lot when she’s in the mood and you play with her.

8. She can crawl forwards and backwards as well as pivot on her tummy.

9. She has been eating solids once a day already and her favorites are broccoli and mangoes. She still has breastmilk most of the time.

10. Her appetite has increased and, apart from direct feeding, she can finish the equivalent of two bottles these days. She used to be able to handle just one bottle a day until about two weeks ago.

We’re also looking forward to her upcoming milestones such as her first tooth, her first handclap, being able to stand up on her own, and her mimicking more sounds.

Dear, dear Nixi. We love you so very much and we always regard you with pride. Keep growing more awesome every day, my doodlebug. We’ll be behind you all the way.

Another thing that was awesome about the day was that we got to have dinner with Hazel’s cousins. We were with Nixi’s godmother, Petita, and her husband, Eric. Also with us were her other relatives from the UK visiting for three weeks: Auntie Cecile, Bernadette, and Isaac.

We had a yummy dinner in Omakase and dessert in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, both in the Ayala Triangle. cabigasesWe thoroughly enjoyed their company and we’re looking forward to seeing them again before the three return to the UK.

We managed to take a few photos of Nixi before the end of the day because let’s face it: she’s adorable!

Good night!



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