Jar Entry #81 – Nixi’s 8th Month!

Dear, dear Nixi! You’ve grown so fast! Already able to stay standing up with some assistance, and often smiling! Continue to be the adorable, beautiful, intelligent, happy child that you are. You make our lives so much better, and we will strive to make yours as joyful as can be. We love you, Harmonie Roxanne Marie!


Jar Entry #68 – Trust The Truth

Today’s talk in the Feast Makati Legaspi was all about Identification. How to identify the truth about you. It’s not about how you have come to see yourself over the years, but knowing how God sees you for who you really are. And God thinks you are awesome. Continue reading “Jar Entry #68 – Trust The Truth”

Jar Entry #66 – Regular Exercise

I got to work out tonight. That may not seem like such a significant thing, but being able to do so regularly is almost impossible these days. Even with exercise, Nixi can still leave me exhausted by the end of the day. Happy, but exhausted. I’m just glad I still get to do it at least twice a week. Continue reading “Jar Entry #66 – Regular Exercise”

Jar Entry #63 – Bridal Shower

Hazel attended a bridal shower today. It was for our friend Sherwin’s fiancee, Roxanne, and was held in Ayala Southvale, near Ayala Alabang. Roxanne, or Roxy, is a Taiwanese national that Sherwin happened to meet during a conference abroad. Turns out, their parents have known each other for years, and after a whirlwind romance, Sherwin and Roxy got engaged. Continue reading “Jar Entry #63 – Bridal Shower”

Jar Entry #62 – Safe Sharing

With Nixi safely in the care of Mamita and Auntie Jamie, Hazel and I went to dinner at Abe Restaurant in Bonifacio Global City. It was there that we met with our caring group, affectionately called “Coolto”. Why Coolto? Nothing to do with a cult or anything. It’s just a contraction of the words “cool” and “ito” (this). Translated, it literally means “This is cool.” The ones who made it besides us were Toh, Anne, Mara, Sam, Peter, Gail, and Nic. And so began an evening of empathy, laughter, encouragement, triumphs, gratitude, worship and prayers. Continue reading “Jar Entry #62 – Safe Sharing”

Creating Futures


Today, I attended the Feast Makati Legaspi, with my good friend Toh Relova speaking as the primary builder for the first time. The baton was recently passed to him by Randy Borromeo who is the regional builder in the Makati/Taguig area. Continue reading “Creating Futures”

Something New For March

Since this is a site about gratitude and positivity, I’m starting with a new section that features a quote, event, anecdote, or development that goes along those lines. It may be short or long depending on what is featured, but will always be something that resonates with me. I will try to reflect on it as well if I can. Continue reading “Something New For March”