Jar Entry #39 -A New Venture. And Some Questions For You Readers!

Today started like any other day. Hazel got ready for work while I prepared for Mamita’s arrival. Nixi woke up before Hazel got to leave so I entertained her, or rather, distracted her so she wouldn’t fuss due to Hazel heading to work. Hazel’s first day in the Investment Banking Group at the 45th floor. Exciting! Continue reading “Jar Entry #39 -A New Venture. And Some Questions For You Readers!”


Jar Entry #34 – Hazel’s Bad Day Gets Better

I woke up today with an elevated temperature and general malaise. In other words, the flu is still upon me. I’m grateful that my Saturday patient read my post from yesterday and told me she was willing to reschedule to another weekend so I could rest and recuperate. Thus my morning was uneventfully Nixi’s. Continue reading “Jar Entry #34 – Hazel’s Bad Day Gets Better”

Jar Entry #30

Productive day today!

Got to work on patients because Mamita was kind enough to help take care of Nixi during the day. My work on the patients went smoothly and they show signs of fast recovery.

Hazel had a meeting with her high school batchmates from Woodrose and they’ll be spearheading some fundraising projects for their former alma mater. It was held in her batchmate’s house and while waiting for them to finish, I managed to get Nixi to chew on my left hand and their family dog to chew on my right, haha!

I also was able to complete a business transaction for my friend before turning in so I’m hoping for a fruitful month’s end this week.


Jar Entry #24 – More Focus

Sometimes things fall by the wayside when you’re trying to juggle work, life, and play. Today I decided to lessen the play and improve myself so I can handle business in a more focused and professional way. Because how will I achieve my dreams without the resources to support them?

So I went to Bonifacio Global City in the evening and attended a seminar on why doing things professionally now will help me reap the benefits earlier. Good thing I made it even if I learned about the 7pm seminar at 6pm! Traffic was definitely more forgiving last night compared to the Christmas season.

I’m going to properly focus myself and read more about the business in earnest. Because success doesn’t come by chance but by change.

Here’s to making our dreams come true.

Jar Entry #23 – Nixi’s Sixth Month!

Got to work on my dad as a patient today, but Nixi didn’t allow me to do much more than that. We took her along to the office with grandma and I was supposed to work on her too, but Nixi was fussing so much about the new surroundings, we couldn’t get to work. So I took them back to the apartment and Nixi quickly calmed down.

In the meantime, I went back to work and had a very significant meeting with my good friend Rynor. He’s going to start the health regimen that I did to improve his and his parent’s health. I do hope I can guide him properly so he can have maximum benefits.

And the milestones keep coming! We celebrated Nixi’s sixth month with some spaghetti and chicken lollipops from Amber’s. We do this every month with a noodle or pasta related dish for Nixi’s long life. It’s not a superstition or religious thing for me by any means. Just an excuse to have goodies from Amber’s, haha!

We capped the day off playing new games with my doodlebug. She’s growing so fast!