Jar Entry #67 – British Vikings

Hazel’s cousins Petita and Bernadette, along with Isaac and Auntie Cecile, were back from Palawan and since the Brits were leaving in a couple of days, the other relatives arranged for lunch in Vikings, SM Jazz Mall.

It was good to see the Cabigas cousins again. It’s kinda funny that these third cousins of Hazel have a closer bond with her than most of her first or second cousins. The fact that we’ve bonded over food and drinks over the years is pretty awesome too. And even Nixi got to hang out with them as well.

I have to admit that the food in Viings improved significantly. There was a time when the international menu had only a few exceptional dishes. I was pleasantly surprised that the beef was tender, the lamb was tasty, the salmon was very fresh, and the selection was quite varied. I’d upgrade their rating from 3 out of 5 stars to 4 out of 5.

Serving after serving, dish after dish. Boy did we enjoy lunch. The company was great, and Bernadette even had a hilarious story when they were flying back from Palawan that deserves its own blog entry, so that will follow soon.

Hazel had to leave before everyone else though because she had an important meeting to attend. The rest of us stayed until last call and then the stories continued outside the restaurant.

The usual extended goodbyes and we soon parted ways. We’re definitely including a trip to London in out bucket list. The opportunity to see the Brits again is too good to pass up!


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