My Health Advocacy Part 23

The Journey to Childbirth Chapter Three


The first┬átrimester is considered by many to be the most difficult, with the third trimester being less difficult only because there, it ramps up towards the last month instead of building up in the first month. In Hazel’s case, the hormones kicked in on the second month, with her being inexplicably angry at her sister, Jamie for a whole week. Must be why some people say Nixi looks like Jamie. Continue reading “My Health Advocacy Part 23”

My Health Advocacy Part 21

The Journey to Childbirth Chapter One

So Hazel was finally pregnant. And this time, we were not taking any chances. We decided to go to a specialist in perinatology, a high-risk pregnancy OB-GYN. She was the first obstetrician we went to after we were married and because of her track record, we decided to return. Her name: Dr. Ana Marie Madamba-Burgos. Continue reading “My Health Advocacy Part 21”

Jar Entry #59 -My Health Advocacy Part 10

The Journey to Pregnancy Chapter Two

Later in 2014, Hazel’s friend, who will go unnamed of course, referred us to a doctor whose office is in Binondo, Manila, a.k.a. Chinatown. Knowing the traffic situation in Metro Manila, we scheduled our appointment on a Saturday morning. This will allow us to leave early and be accommodated quickly. And when we got to talk to the doctor, let’s call her Dr. S, we were given an interesting and unusual way to go about treating fertility. Continue reading “Jar Entry #59 -My Health Advocacy Part 10”

Jar Entry #53 – My Health Advocacy Part 6

We’ve always wanted kids from the start. Heck, if we had a honeymoon baby, we’d be ecstatic! But it was only after a year and a half of marriage did we finally get a positive result on the test. A result that left us scrambling to make new plans and to cancel others. The checkup even showed a little sac where our baby was forming. Things went smoothly for a few weeks, then it happened. Continue reading “Jar Entry #53 – My Health Advocacy Part 6”