About This Site

Welcome, everyone! And Happy New Year!

My name is Ron and I believe that an important key to happiness is gratitude. According to a Harvard Health Publications article, giving thanks can make you happier. It’s what helps me see the silver lining, the inherent good in people, and the optimism that I have always nurtured over the years. It helped me keep going when we were getting desperate for a child, when I was struggling with my exams, and when work was getting me down.

Here you’ll find posts related to good things that occur in 2017 as well as snippets of my life over the years, good and…not so good but with the usual silver lining. 😉 You’ll see posts of my interests, significant events in my life, my opinions and reactions to past and future events, and even the occasional news bits that I can relate to.

Feel free to peruse and perhaps share your thoughts or reactions to what I share. Note that this is a light, feel-good site so negative or inflammatory comments will be deleted or reposted, depending on how funny they are. 😛

Join me, Hazel, and Nixi in celebrating the good things in life, and keep it clean, people! This is a family-oriented site!

Also, feel free to hit me up on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Cheers!