My Health Advocacy Part 19

The Journey to Pregnancy Chapter Eleven


My last few entries discussed the Spartan Transformation Program. And today, I’ll talk about its significance to us.

Since the doctor’s requirement was for Hazel to manage her weight so she could get pregnant, she tried many different diets. I also tried them to see the effects on my body and also to help support Hazel.

One of them was the GM Diet, a 7-day diet that was effective for short-term results but I found would deprive one of many essential nutrients needed for daily functions. It’s difficult to sustain as a result.

Next was the South Beach diet, a low-carb, high-protein diet done in stages worked well for Hazel for awhile. Alas, it proved difficult to sustain as well and the results were slow in coming.

Now, I’m not saying these diets do not how results. Many people swear by them, and regularly practice them. I’m just not in favor of the results they give and what you have to sacrifice when you do them.

After a few months of doing these diets, a day came when Hazel was to check if she was pregnant. This was after we consulted with a doctor who gave her medicine to help ovulate along with tests to see what can help conception. One thing she made clear was that weight loss is still of great importance if we’re to conceive.

It was also a day when Hazel finally cried out of frustration, sadness, and anger. It was a heart-breaking negative result of course. She was feeling depressed and inadequate, even if we knew that there was still hope. I was feeling helpless and discouraged myself, but then I was hit by an idea.

So I turned to her and asked: “Do you want to do the Spartan program?”

To be continued.

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