Jar Entry #68 – Trust The Truth

Today’s talk in the Feast Makati Legaspi was all about Identification. How to identify the truth about you. It’s not about how you have come to see yourself over the years, but knowing how God sees you for who you really are. And God thinks you are awesome.Too many people have their own self-image influence how they act, how they feel, and how they react. Too many times has harsh criticism distorted how some people view themselves. “You’re so stupid.” “I’m so fat.” “Least likely to succeed.” Such things can change how you perceive your identity compared to your actual identity. And how you perceive yourself influences how you interact with the rest of the world.

The Lord God can show you your true identity. He can show how wonderful, how deserving, how potent, how awesome you really are. Because you are made in His image. An image that is far above mediocrity. Above incompetence. Above ugliness.

And it’s this that makes me even more grateful and happy. Because I am not worthless in His eyes. Ultimately, that’s all that will matter anyway.

If I can help others identify their true selves, to show them what has been holding them back, and to encourage them to bring out their true selves, then that would be the sweetest song indeed.




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