My Health Advocacy Part 17

The Journey to Pregnancy Chapter Nine


Coaching in the Spartan Transformation Program is done not just by those who have undergone the process but also by those who have observed the program being done by others. Coach Arnel, as you can see above, has done the program twice and also promotes it as a business. This allows him to be more knowledgeable about the products and enables him to help people reach their weight loss goals.Being a coach in the Spartan Transformation Program is not easy to do. Besides knowing what the products do and how to consume them, one has to know what foods and in what amounts are allowed for each meal. They are pretty much on call all day and often get calls or messages from students while they are doing their grocery shopping or having their meals in restaurants.

It also entails knowing what exercises can be done to minimize stress, thus preventing the formation of too much cortisol.

Evaluating the meals of each student requires that they post photos of what they eat every day in a private Facebook group complete with the fist as well as a description of the meal. Any adjustments or corrections can be seen by those in the group and suggestions can be made not just by coaches but by other students.

A weekly body composition reading is also required so that based on that, the meals can be optimized for maximum results.

The idea of the coaching is to teach the students how to eat in a sustainable way so that the results of the program can be maintained or even improved upon. It also enables the student to evaluate meals they have never encountered before so they will still comply with the eating method of the program. Ultimately it also paves the way for the students to become coaches themselves.

I’ll discuss minimal activity in Part 18.

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