My Health Advocacy Part 15

The Journey to Pregnancy Chapter Seven


A couple of days after Pico De Loro, I was woken up early in the morning by a hysterical Hazel. No, check that. She wasn’t hysterical. She was giddy with glee! “Honey!” she said, “we’re pregnant!” And our entire world completely changed.

It was the day when we were supposed to check if indeed Hazel was pregnant. She woke up early to use the bathroom and went about with the pregnancy test.  And true enough, there were two pink lines on the test! We shed tears of joy that morning. Finally, after such a long time! So many tests, prayers, pilgrimages, and preparations, Hazel got pregnant again!

What sort of preparations you say? Well, one of the requirements of her doctor was to lose some weight. Since she has a tendency for high blood sugar, being able to manage her weight would help in conception.

To do this, a few months before, we had asked my friend, Arnel Serioso what those photos he was posting on Facebook was all about. He would regularly post photos like the one above and he would talk about the Spartan Transformation Program. As you can see in the photo, besides there being some food, a closed fist beside the food is also shown. But there’s more to it than that.

The Spartan Transformation Program is a fat-loss regimen that involves supplements, a different style of eating, coaching, and reduced activity. One of the requirements of the program is to invest in NuSkin’s Ageloc TR90  Weight Management System. This is a 90-day program that is quite pricey, retailing for Php100,000 (~$2,000) or Php70,000 (~$1,400) if you sign up as a distributor. Very pricey, I know.

The style of eating as shown in the photo above is another facet of the program. It requires having two full meals a day with the third one, dinner, being substituted by a Trimshake pack. In each meal, a low sugar fruit such as an orange or an apple the size of your fist is consumed first. This is to optimize the absorption of the nutrients of the fruit.

A fist-sized amount of vegetables is then consumed. No dressing is allowed though. This is followed by a fist-sized amount of meat, roughly two chicken pieces worth and enough carbohydrates, i.e. rice, corn, etc. It may not seem like a lot but this amount of food can make snacking between meals unnecessary.

And if you want dessert, you can have a piece as long as it fits in the hole formed by touching the tip of your thumb with the tip of your forefinger.

I’ll discuss the supplements in Part 16.

To be continued.

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