My Health Advocacy Part 14

The Journey to Pregnancy Chapter Six


While waiting for a few days to see if Hazel was pregnant, we were invited by her Aunt Laurie to go to Pico De Loro on the weekend. You see, Hazel’s cousin Armay and her friends, Rupal and Neel, were visiting the Philippines then and they were taking them to different tourist spots. Pico De Loro is a very exclusive resort that was great for relaxation and exploration. There was a beach, hiking nearby, and a bar for those who enjoy the nightlife.

We left for Pico De Loro before dawn so we could catch up with them. It was a two and a half hour ride from where we lived so Hazel got to sleep a bit during the ride. Even without verification, we were supposed to do things like she was already pregnant just in case.

So no alcohol allowed at any time and the place was perfect for minimizing stress. Auntie Laurie was the perfect host and Armay’s friends were awesome! With an afternoon of card games and a bit of a tour, we got to unwind quite a bit. We got to explore the place a little in the evening but Hazel needed to get some rest so we returned to the room to get some sleep.

The next day we got ready to check out so we could continue showing Armay’s friends around. We were heading to Tagaytay for lunch, which would be a long and fun joyride. We wanted Rupal and Neel to check out the pleasant cool weather there and to try some of the local fare.

We arrive there a bit after the lunch hour and we chose a place with a magnificent view of the Taal Volcano. Lunch was spectacular. Classic Filipino dishes for everyone to savor and enjoy. And we all had an awesome day.

All that time, we were completely unaware of what happened in Hazel’s womb.

To be continued.

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