Jar Entry #63 – Bridal Shower

Hazel attended a bridal shower today. It was for our friend Sherwin’s fiancee, Roxanne, and was held in Ayala Southvale, near Ayala Alabang. Roxanne, or Roxy, is a Taiwanese national that Sherwin happened to meet during a conference abroad. Turns out, their parents have known each other for years, and after a whirlwind romance, Sherwin and Roxy got engaged.

Hazel is one of the bridesmaids and she will be singing when Roxy marches down the aisle on March 11. But today, while Nixi was with her Mamita and Auntie Jamie, I dropped Hazel off at the venue of the shower.


Of course, there had to be the requisite gifts either naughty or nice. They had some games, lots of food, and very entertaining guests. One of them was the groom’s mom, who actually initiated some of the naughtiness during the latter part of the what was an otherwise wholesome shower. There was even a very obscene cake that one of the aunts used to demonstrate some of the things that go on during the wedding night.

The shower was ending when I arrived to fetch Hazel. She stepped out of the house to beckon me to come in for a few minutes so I could greet the people I knew. Little did we know that the naughty aunts were jokingly looking for a stripper to cap off the event. So I stepped into the house and one of the aunts yelled: “There’s the stripper!” Needless to say, hilarity ensued. Good thing I got to keep my clothes on!

We stayed for dinner but had to leave because of Nixi, but we left so very excited for the loving couple, and we’re looking forward to the wedding.

We also went through our own engagement a few years ago, and I remember how much I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Hazel. I’m glad those two get to experience what we did because if anyone deserves to be happy, it’s them.


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