Jar Entry #62 – Safe Sharing

With Nixi safely in the care of Mamita and Auntie Jamie, Hazel and I went to dinner at Abe Restaurant in Bonifacio Global City. It was there that we met with our caring group, affectionately called “Coolto”. Why Coolto? Nothing to do with a cult or anything. It’s just a contraction of the words “cool” and “ito” (this). Translated, it literally means “This is cool.” The ones who made it besides us were Toh, Anne, Mara, Sam, Peter, Gail, and Nic. And so began an evening of empathy, laughter, encouragement, triumphs, gratitude, worship and prayers.Our group was formed by a bunch of couples from different walks of life who regularly attend the Feast Makati, a weekly Catholic prayer meeting of the Light of Jesus Community founded by Bo Sanchez.  It is led by Toh Relova with his wife, Anne and we usually meet within the Makati area and sometimes in the Taguig area. By the way, Toh is also one of Nixi’s godfathers.

Hazel and I do our best to attend the caring group’s meetings because of how important the sharing is to us. There were a couple of times when we even brought Nixi with us to the meetings. This is because we found that we could talk about our problems and situations with people we trust without being judged. We just have to be willing to share something with the group.

We also have prayer requests, and the members of the group pray for the intentions of those who ask for them. I have to admit that each of us has had their fair share of intentions fulfilled. In our case, you can include Nixi, Hazel’s job, and our quest for a nanny, among others.

Sometimes our meetings have a theme that influences the topics we talk about. These themes are based on the topic being discussed during the Feast sessions at the particular time. But tonight was all about sharing and updates.

These people have become our very good friends, and for better or worse, will always be a part of our lives. They help us see the beauty of life in times of strife, and they give us support when we’re feeling down. We learn about marriage and raising a family from each other, and the camaraderie is genuine.


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