Jar Entry #61 – My Health Advocacy Part 12

The Journey to Pregnancy Chapter Four


We found ourselves in the reception area of Kato Repro Biotech in Makati. Conflicting thoughts and a mix of excitement and apprehension entered our minds. This is it! Our chance to have a baby! But what if it’s not allowed? What will it mean for us if we pushed through? And will we be able to handle the expense? Well, some of our questions were answered as our turn was called and we sat down in the consultation room.Our doctor was a male and was very knowledgeable about what was to be done for us. Turns out, he was one of the students of Dr. S. They practiced Minimal Stimulation IVF in Kato. And what he told us after we disclosed our medical history surprised us.

Even though Hazel was fertile at the time, the IVF procedure could not be performed because Hazel was taking aspirin to thin her blood. If the extraction procedure was performed, she could end up with excessive bleeding, giving us a problem far worse than having difficulty conceiving.

I admit some relief in the sea of disappointment that washed over us when he told us this. Instead of performing the procedure, he had us take a few blood tests to help in his diagnosis and to prepare us for a future IVF procedure. We also took this as an opportunity to gather as much knowledge as possible on the ramifications of IVF, financially, spiritually, and physically.

In the course of a few weeks, we spoke to those we knew had undergone the procedure, the proper spiritual leaders, and to family members about IVF. We even learned from one that they consulted with a bishop about IVF procedures after attempting to conceive for years and were asked by the bishop why they didn’t do it sooner.

We decided to push through with the procedure. We were going to borrow money to make sure we could pay for it, and Hazel stopped her aspirin to make sure she could heal from the extraction and implantation. She can just resume taking it a few days after the procedure.

Then something interesting happened.

To be continued.

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Here’s a video about Minimal Stimulation IVF, the procedure performed in Kato:

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