Creating Futures


Today, I attended the Feast Makati Legaspi, with my good friend Toh Relova speaking as the primary builder for the first time. The baton was recently passed to him by Randy Borromeo who is the regional builder in the Makati/Taguig area.

Today’s topic is Hurt Attack: Recovery, and what resonated in me was when he said that you can use your painful experiences to help others overcome their pain. Whether through a miscarriage, a failed business, or even a broken heart, not only can you help others deal with their pain, but in the process help yourself heal as well.

In Toh’s case, he and his wife Anne, went through five heartbreaking miscarriages over the years. After the fifth one, they found themselves angry with God and wanted little to do with Him. But they realized that their scars can heal others, and that there is a purpose to their pain. Thus they returned to the fold, and through the ministry, they reach out to those who are hurting.

They help give others hope. The will to live. The strength to pick themselves up and to carry on. And to hopefully guide them towards brighter futures.

I made the decision to serve in the Feast and to help Toh and Anne in carrying out their ministry. It’s the least I could do as I am grateful to God and to them.  They helped us get through many trying times and with their guidance and prayers, taught us how to walk our path to eventually have Nixi.

So learn from your past. Heal from your wounds. And help others heal from theirs. You never know how many people you can save simply by saving yourself.


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