Jar Entry #58 – My Health Advocacy Part 9

The Journey to Pregnancy Chapter One.


The reason why I called this series of posts My Health Advocacy is because the events that I described shaped the knowledge and mindset I have concerning health and maintaining it. From proper nutrition, to exercise, to fertility and pregnancy, to supplements and their ilk, my interest in being healthy is an integral part of my being.Tha being said, this next part of my story continues our journey to pregnancy.

From the posts I’ve already made, you’ve seen that we have Nixi, our beautiful baby daughter. There’s a reason why we consider her our very precious one besides simply being our daughter. We’ve gone through so many trials and challenges to have her today.

In spite of the miscarriage, our desire to have a baby was undaunted. We would keep trying and we did as much research as we could. Work did get in the way though, and I admit we could have read even more about our options. We still did our nightly prayers asking for a baby, and we also did the occasional pilgrimage.

We even consulted with an allergologist who told us that we could get tested for Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome or APAS, which would cost us around Php70,000, a very expensive test. He also recommends it for those who’ve had two or more miscarriages. Since we’ve only had one, we decided to forego the test. At least for now.

It was funny then that I got a Facebook message from someone I used to work with. Her sister works as an assistant of an OB-Gyne who specializes in fertility. Excitedly, we made an appointment and went to her. This was in early 2014.

For privacy purposes, let’s call her Dr. B. She was a very nice doctor, and she knew her stuff. Getting to Medical City in Ortigas was an ordeal though, and Hazel would have to take a leave of absence just to be able to go. Of course, go we did, and one of the main recommendations she gave was for Hazel to exercise so she could improve her body fat ratio, making her body more conducive to conception.

Hazel’s schedule didn’t make exercise much of an option, but when she did, she went all out. P90X3 was her exercise regimen of choice, and boy was it rigorous. I tried some of the exercises myself and I decided to stick to strength training in the gym.

But even then and after a battery of tests and procedures, we still didn’t get pregnant. It was tiring, but we still soldiered on. After a few months with Dr. B, we were getting pretty discouraged as it felt like we were getting nowhere.

Then Hazel got to speak to a friend who was also undergoing fertility problems.

To be continued.

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I’m not a paid promoter of P90X3 or anything, but this will give you an idea of what Hazel was doing for exercise.

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