Jar Entry #53 – My Health Advocacy Part 6

We’ve always wanted kids from the start. Heck, if we had a honeymoon baby, we’d be ecstatic! But it was only after a year and a half of marriage did we finally get a positive result on the test. A result that left us scrambling to make new plans and to cancel others. The checkup even showed a little sac where our baby was forming. Things went smoothly for a few weeks, then it happened.Hazel had some spotting. It was one of the most frightening things I’ve ever seen, but I had to be brave. I couldn’t show that I was scared and so I held it together as well as I could.

We went for an ultrasound and we saw that the sac was still there, but there were dark areas that indicated subchorionic hemorrhaging. That means there were some scattered accumulations of blood around the sac. We would later find out that it was due to Hazel’s blood clotting too fast.

Of course, Hazel had to take some medicine to help keep the baby, and at six weeks, we went to get another ultrasound. Hazel went in, and later on, I was called to the room. There we saw the heartbeat! It was faint but it was there. We were so happy! The subchorionic spaces were still there, but we were full of hope. We were going to be parents!

Since the hemorrhage, we were going for ultrasounds weekly. and as the weeks were going by, we saw that the heartbeat was a little delayed in terms of the time/beats per second ratio. But we were assured that it was normal, and we should continue our checkups.

One of the plans that we had to cancel was a trip to Korea with Hazel’s folks and siblings. Hazel couldn’t travel especially due to the risk of bleeding. But that was okay. Anything for the little one, right? We had another ultrasound and checkup due on the day that we were supposed to fly anyway, so it was fine.

And so at eight weeks of pregnancy, the day came when they had to get ready to head to Korea and us to Makati Medical Center.

To be continued.

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Here’s a video explaining subchorionic hemorrhage. It can explain the situation far better than I can.


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