Jar Entry #52 – My Health Advocacy Part 5

Someone special. That phrase doesn’t even begin to describe her. And as you may have seen in a previous post, she’s the woman I married. It was due to our upcoming wedding that I was motivated to get back into shape. I figured since I would be living for someone beyond myself, I’d better be healthy enough to take care of her and our future kids.

So I signed up for a membership at Fitness First, the gym closest to where I was staying in Bonifacio Global City. And yet the walk to the gym was a good 20 minutes, which I didn’t mind at all as it became part of my warm-up.

Of course, my first workout was agony, and I had a hard time adjusting to the pain the next day. But eventually, my body started adjusting. I, of course, used what I learned over the years, so no trainer needed. Still, it was quite a grind.

Since I was working full-time even on Saturdays, finding spare time and energy to work out was difficult. My progress was slow, and my morale was getting tested. In the end, I didn’t hit my goals, but I was able to lose enough weight so I would fit in the suit that was made for the wedding.

Married life started out with about a year of major adjustments and lifestyle changes. Hazel and I tried different ways to get fit and sometimes what worked for her, wasn’t very effective for me. I could never do the GM or South Beach diets, for example, while they were very effective for Hazel. Maybe it has something to do with my nutritional requirements being different from hers?

Eventually, we managed to adjust, and our choices of food reflected the changes. We started to eat quinoa and brown rice more often, and we changed our preferred portion sizes.

Our fitness goals were meant to get us in better shape to have kids, and in 2013, we discovered we were going to have our first one!

To be continued.

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Look at how exercise affects the brain. In a nutshell, it makes the brain better able to handle stress.


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