Jar Entry #51 – My Health Advocacy Part 4

And the story continues.

While I was in the US studying for my exams, I also applied for an H1B1 or working visa. This is so that I can stay in the US longer and earn some cash as well. My application was already submitted and I just had to continue my exams.

Wouldn’t you know it, my application was affected by 9/11 and I had to return to the Philippines. And so I went just to avoid overstaying. But because of a series of professional events, I didn’t get to return to the US to continue my exams anymore.

Part of my responsibility as a professional is to be active in the profession’s activities. This includes attending conventions and seminars for continuing education. But then I also got involved in my local dental chapter partly because of my mom, who is also a dentist. I eventually got elected president of my chapter, and this took a large chunk out of my time and resources. It also had its ups and downs, and its share of black sheep. Mostly it was a fun experience, particularly during the times when we won the volleyball and badminton tournaments, but I never really got into the politics.

After my term, I was asked at different times by three political parties of the Philippine Dental Association to run as trustee in their respective rosters. I refused each and every one of them simply because politics isn’t for me.

A few years later, a good friend of mine got me into dental implants. I attended the seminars and courses, including some in Hongkong and Singapore and I am now a Fellow in the Philippine Academy of Implant Dentistry. Dental implantology and dental esthetics now count as my specialties. I am now an active consultant in St. Luke’s Global City with those specialties.

One consequence of being professionally active was that my exercise opportunities were greatly reduced. When I returned from the US, I enrolled in Slimmer’s World then Gold’s Gym for a couple of years. But my memberships fell by the wayside as I became more active in the dental chapter and association. It took someone special to motivate me to get into working out in the gym again.

To be continued.

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Dentistry can be very sedentary work, where we sit for hours at a time and sometimes we hold our heads and necks at odd angles when treating a patient. It may not be as severe in an office cubicle setting, but that can be sedentary as well. I hope this video can help:


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