Jar Entry #46 – My Health Advocacy Part 1

This is going to be a multi-part post so please bear with me. I’ve always been an advocate for a more healthy lifestyle and maintaining your health. Besides being a dentist by profession, I’ve been a gym enthusiast since high school. Even in grade school, I’ve participated in a few games of badminton, basketball, and Frisbee. I also took up karate for a few years and I loved to bike.

But it was one summer before my senior year in high school that I got into working out in the gym. My parents got a set of dumbbells that I simply used in my room while reading and I also brought the stationary bike to my room as well.

When school started, I hung out with some friends who enjoyed working out as well. Maybe it was my frustration from being bullied for so many years that spurred me on that time. Yes, I was quite the nerd back then. I still am sometimes.

I still worked out in the early days of college but only rarely. I guess I couldn’t find the motivation that time because of the workload. I also discovered that my Nutrition subject was one of my favorites and it was very easy for me to excel in it.

But then one summer I was hanging out in my mom’s dental office when I met one of her patients who used to be quite scrawny but got muscled up over the last year. We got talking about what he did and we were very encouraged by his results. One of the benefits of his working out that motivated me was the increased amount of food I could eat, haha! So me and my uncle, Pio, who I considered to be my best friend, became gym buffs. We would work out every other day, first in the small gym of my aunt’s condo, then in a hole-in-the-wall near my uncle’s home.

Everything was going well, and we got noticeably stronger and healthier. We would try different gyms to see what would be the best fit for us and I have to admit that I still had a lot to learn about exercise. We were just doing it without guidance or professional training. Thus, one fateful day, I suffered an injury.

To be continued in Part 2. In the meantime, here is a video about some misconceptions about health food.


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