Jar Entry #42 – Nixi Meets Anton

George and Dinah Gabriel are a couple of Hazel’s friends from church and traveled a similar journey as we have when it comes to conceiving a child. They met through Praise, one of the ministries in St. James the Great in Ayala Alabang. George was even the lector at our wedding. He is now one of the preachers in the Light of Jesus community and Dinah is a housewife.

George recently organized a praise concert for February 26 and he asked Hazel to sing one of the songs. Looks like I get to be stage husband again! To give you an idea of how Hazel sings, here’s a video of the last concert she sang in. She was 8 months pregnant at the time. She’s the first singer.

So after having brunch with Auntie Jamie in Columns Legaspi, we went to Ayala Alabang to drop off our things at the in-laws and then it was off to the Country Club to meet up with the Gabriels.
After dropping Hazel and Nixi off at the entrance to the Club, I went to park the car. I shortly found out that they were in the polo field near the stands and so I transferred there and finally met up with them. Anton, their son, was playing soccer with his dad and Dinah was already chatting with Hazel and holding Nixi. We were able to do some catching up and we also discussed the concert. Mamita and Papou also passed by as they were taking a brisk walk around the field as exercise.
George knows that I am a big Star Wars fan and he gave Nixi the book above. Funny thing is, I was able to appreciate it far more than Nixi. Yes, the book is adorable, and I saw some of the things that may happen between me and Nixi as the years go by. When Nixi gets to appreciate Star Wars, I’ll have her read the book too.
Soon the sun began to set and the cool breeze that was blowing over the field was starting to get chilly. I thrive in the cold but it was also getting dark so we soon packed up and headed back to the Alabang home.
Since we will be heading very early to Tagaytay tomorrow, after dinner we went up to get ready for bed. Nixi fell asleep during dinner but woke up after just a few minutes of napping. This usually equals sleeping late but fortunately, she was still tired and it wasn’t long before she was fast asleep again. We’ll be getting up at 4:30am so it’s time to turn in.
Have a good night, everyone! 


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