Jar Entry #39 -A New Venture. And Some Questions For You Readers!

Today started like any other day. Hazel got ready for work while I prepared for Mamita’s arrival. Nixi woke up before Hazel got to leave so I entertained her, or rather, distracted her so she wouldn’t fuss due to Hazel heading to work. Hazel’s first day in the Investment Banking Group at the 45th floor. Exciting!

Soon after I changed Nixi and got her settled on the play mat, Mamita arrived. After a quick breakfast and a discussion on some errands with Mamita, I headed out.

I managed to squeeze in a workout during the lunch break and unlike my previous workouts, I managed to lift for an hour and 15 min. If I weren’t conscious about the time, I would have kept going. Normally, I’d be giving up after an hour. But then I used something particularly effective at boosting my energy levels without over-stimulating me. Hmm, should I reveal it in a future post?

I get back to the condo and Auntie Jamie was there to visit as well! So it was a Quatro Marias bonding time and it brought a bit more life to the condo for a few minutes.

Later, after setting Mamita up with a movie, I headed to Citibank to make a deposit and then it was off to Bonifacio Global City. I swung by Mckinley Hill to pick up an order then I had an early dinner in SM Aura.

I ordered a Southwest BBQ burger from The Great American Burger Joint and…it was okay. I guess I would give it a 5/10, with Jollibee at 3 and In-n-Out at a 9 and 8Cuts at 8. Maybe I should have ordered the Angus patty, but then I’ve tasted better regular burgers. At least the churros I got from La Lola made up for it.

I was lined up for the business presentation at the SMX Convention Center at 5:30and we were let in at around 6:15. It went quite well, with real people talking about real results and showing how the business can be done by anyone determined to succeed without affecting their current jobs. As long as it’s done professionally, success can happen in a couple of years instead of in decades. Discussing it in one blog post would not do it justice but I can post more in future posts if anyone is interested. Better yet, anyone here looking for new business opportunities?

After the conference and a brief discussion, I went home and swooned over my sleeping family. I couldn’t resist waking Hazel so I could give her the churros I got her. After that yummy snack, we talked a bit and then she went off to sleep while I prepare her tablet for her readings for IBG.

I’m calling it a night now. I love dogs, so here’s the trailer for A Dog’s Purpose. And no, the news reports that say one of the dogs was under distress during the filming weren’t true. What are your favorite pet movies?

Good night!


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