Jar Entry #38 – Answered Prayer!

Today I am Mr. Nanny so I get to care for Nixi all day. We’ve been feeding her solids recently and today the consequences of her solids consumption blasted my olfactory senses. Phew! Her poop was sticky and stinky, and the hand spray didn’t help at all! Baby wipes to the rescue! The day is saved!

At least it’s not as bad as the geriatric poop I had to handle in the US 17 years ago when I was caregiving there. I needed a mask and gloves for that!

The good news, the very good news, is that Hazel’s application for the Investment Banking Group (IBG) was approved! Finally, her dream job! The days of boredom and disillusionment are over! Thanks to all of those who prayed for her!

Granted, the president’s concern was that she’s a new mother and she might find it too stressful. Fair enough, but Nixi is already more manageable compared to before, and Mamita and I are more than willing to adjust, especially in the first few weeks. She starts in the IBG tomorrow!

That being said, we’re still looking for a nanny to help out in caring for Nixi. At least I’ll be able to appoint more patients and we’ll have more flexibility in our movements.

Another prayer I have is for more business opportunities so that I’ll be able to provide for the family in more ways. I’m checking something out tomorrow and I’ll tell you all about it when I get back from there.

For now, here’s an article on raising a trilingual child. Hazel shared it yesterday and we’re planning on how to go about teaching Nixi Filpino, English, and possibly Ilocano. Let’s see how things go.


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