Jar Entry #37 -Adulting

Adulting (v): to do grown up things and hold responsibilities such as, a 9-5 job, a mortgage/rent, a car payment, or anything else that makes one think of grown ups.

That was my day in a nutshell. Tiring, long and sometimes frustrating. It started upon waking when I saw that Hazel was still sick.

I was only too glad that Mamita came over to help watch Nixi. Hazel took a sick leave and though I’m sure she wanted to spend the day caring for Nixi, Mamita being there went a long way to helping her recover.

After some breakfast, I headed off to work. It so happened that the particular case I worked on this morning was on a tooth that was one of the most difficult to treat because of its location, and this one’s problems was not noticed by previous dentists possibly for that reason. The fact that the damage was only obvious in an x-ray could have factored into this as well.

But we soldier on, right? Hopefully, I can save the tooth and not have to do more than a filling so I placed it under observation. I give it a 50/50 chance for that. Two weeks will reveal if I cover it up or I go in further to clean it up.

After my morning patient, I first went to the bank to make a couple of deposits for Hazel and Mamita. I then headed off to the vulcanizing shop to have four tires replaced. Whew! The old tires were almost completely bald!

The reason I let this happen involved an incident in our condo where a rake lying in the garage punched a hole in one of the tires. The administration still hasn’t done anything about it in almost three years and I couldn’t afford to have the worn-out tires any longer. So they’ve finally been replaced and thus, safer motoring for us! Next project: the shock absorbers!

After lunch, I did some grocery shopping to replenish our stocks. Whew, so much to do! I was all over the place as we were almost completely out of the essentials and I also had to get purified water for Nixi. Yes, she can drink water now!

Hazel was feeling better since lunch but then Paracetamol does wonders for a fever. Towards the evening (Mamita left in the afternoon), the malaise had set in again. So I briefly left to get some dinner and upon my return, I entertained Nixi while Hazel ate.

We got to watch a couple of shows while Nixi napped and when she woke up, Hazel set off to get some rest with Nixi. But things were not meant to be. Nixi was wide awake!And so

And so aftet brushing my teeth, I took Nixi off Hazel’s hands so she could sleep while I tried to get Nixi tired. Alas, my attempts were in vain. The doorway jumper, the playmat, the toys and my own carrying and bouncing her had little to no effect. She yawned a couple of times, and so I brought her to bed, but then she spent the next hour talking and screaming, seemingly experimenting with her voice!

We took turns trying to get her sleepy for a while, with Hazel attempting to feed her and with me attempting to annoy/entertain her. Then I took her and played with her as Hazel slept a bit until several minutes later, she started to show signs that she was tired and hungry. Almost as soon as I gave her to Hazel to feed, she was out like a light. At last!

And so ends this day of adulting. I’m off to bed after this update, but I will say good night with this video about The Simple Solution to Traffic.


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