Jar Entry #36 – Hazel Gets Sick

Spent the day in Alabang as Hazel’s turn to get sick came around. Yes, she had the same symptoms I had last Thursday. We’re hoping that Nixi’s immune system is sufficiently boosted enough to fight off the bug especially since we can’t really leave her alone for more than a couple of minutes.

A lot of the day was spent bonding and resting but the way things are going, Hazel might have to take a sick leave tomorrow. I’m all for that as the poor dear is feeling messed up and she needs to recover. I myself have work and errands to do tomorrow so further recovery isn’t an option for me.

At least we discovered that Nixi swallows solid food properly now instead of just spitting it out, and that she likes papayas. Now that she’s expanding her menu, we’ll have more opportunities to know what she likes and what she’s allergic to.

So it’s off to bed for me and before I go, here’s something that I would consider to be a boon if I get to have it. As a dentist, over the years my hearing gets affected by the sound of the drill. I sometimes have to ask a person to repeat what he or she said or at other times I have a hard time distinguishing voices if the background noise is loud enough. It could either be physical or psychological but it certainly made subtitles very desirable for me. The Here One can lower the volume of background noise or even act as an equalizer for sounds around me so that I can hear conversations more clearly and can even act to cancel noise completely.

I can also listen to music while hearing my surroundings so I’m still aware. There’s also another similar product called the IQBuds but I won’t know what’s better until the reviews and comparisons come out.

The future is exciting!


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