Jar Entry #35 – Nixi Has A Checkup

My symptoms are finally waning thanks to a good amount of rest. Still not 100% but at least it’s the weekend. Nixi, though, is scheduled for a checkup and shots with her pediatric physician.

So I drive Nixi and Hazel to Makati Medical for her visit and while I wait for them, I go to have a troublesome tire fixed. Turns out, my other tires are almost worn out and are due for replacement. That’s what happens to tires after 10 years. Another set of expenses, though. Ah well.

As for Nixi’s checkup, turns out she’s quite tall for her age. She’s in the upper 90th percentile, in fact. She didn’t gain much weight, though. Looks like most of her nutrition goes to getting taller!

She was also given her 6-in-1 vaccine which was pretty pricey at Php6k ($150), but anything for this little girl, right? She was also cleared to have mashed veggies and other solids as well as purified water. Baby-led feeding, on the other hand, was not encouraged as the risks are not worth the benefits, at least according to current research.

Of course, Auntie Jamie¬†accompanied them during the checkup as she usually does. She’s certainly the epitome of a doting aunt!

When they were finished, I went to fetch them as we were slated to head to Alabang to visit the grandparents on Hazel’s side. They bought some ice cream¬†from DQ while waiting for me to arrive, a treat I’ve been missing for quite a while. So what if I’m sick? Haha!

When we got to Alabang, the in-laws weren’t home yet so we took a quick nap then proceeded to St. James The Great for anticipated mass. After the mass, we caught up to the in-laws at the dinner table and after some bonding time, we all headed up to turn in. Yep, sleeping a bit earlier than usual. It’ll certainly help with my recovery.

But before I go, here’s something that caught my interest today: the Tinitell. It’s a wrist phone for kids that doesn’t have a regular display and also has GPS so you can track the location of your child.

Now that I’m a father, my child’s safety is paramount. This will help me keep tabs on Nixi especially when she starts going to school.

How about you? How do you keep track of your kids? Feel free to comment below!



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