Jar Entry #34 – Hazel’s Bad Day Gets Better

I woke up today with an elevated temperature and general malaise. In other words, the flu is still upon me. I’m grateful that my Saturday patient read my post from yesterday and told me she was willing to reschedule to another weekend so I could rest and recuperate. Thus my morning was uneventfully Nixi’s.

Hazel’s morning, however, had the makings of a nightmare. During a meeting in her company, she was told she would be in charge of extracurricular activities unrelated to her job description. Not only would it entail working on some weekends, it would also mean she would have to do work outside the office. Given our current situation, that would greatly compromise our ability to care for Nixi and severely hobble her career. She was on the verge of tears when she got home for lunch!

And so she prayed, as the job had been an answered prayer from before. After a melancholy lunch break, she returned to work. She received a call from a colleague who told her that it would be a waste of her abilities and knowledge if she were put into that position. She was also told that an opening for the Investment Banking Group was available! And the head wanted her to start ASAP! And so she updated her resume and sent it through the proper channels.

Of course, going through the proper channels means that it will have to go through the President as well. Yes, the very person who gave her the nightmare assignment in the first place. So indeed, prayers do work, and we will keep on praying for a favorable outcome. I’m sure it’s unlikely that her boss would stifle her career advancement just for extracurricular activities, but yes, prayers nonetheless.

We were still on the fence on whether we would be going to our caring group’s gathering in Bonifacio Global City, but then we were eager to see our friends and to nurture our spiritual growth. So we put Nixi in her OOTN and off we went to Kartilya. The food was pretty good and they had the best souffle we’ve ever tasted. It was a bibingka soufflé and I would highly recommend it.

We had a blast because of the topic of tonight’s sharing about passion, potential and purpose. Nixi barely gave us any trouble and she was sociable most of the time so she was a delight as well. And to top it off, because I am so thankful for the blessings we have been given in the past year and every year, I announced that I would like to serve in The Feast Makati. It’s my way to show my gratitude as well as to help our Brother Toh as he embarks on his new journey as a builder for The Feast. cg

We wrapped up by praying for our intentions and making plans for upcoming gatherings and we all headed home. A great way to end the day: with our hearts full and brimming with hope.

I take my leave tonight with this fascinating article from the Guardian. It talks about a device that will allow patients who are completely paralyzed to answer yes or no questions by detecting patterns in brain activity. That means it can give hope to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS sufferers who are otherwise unable to respond to any questions.

Good night all!


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