Jar Entry #33 – Under The Weather

Had to deal with the flu today. At first, I thought it was just a cold that I might have gotten from Nixi but it got worse as the day went by. Looks like lots of liquids and rest for me today and tomorrow! At least I got to spend the day with my little one, and I even learned a new lullaby that worked on her based on her Snuggle Puppy book (thanks Ana Wolbert!)

When Hazel got home, she showed me something super cute that she crocheted for Nixi. It was an overcoat with tassles!

It took her about two weeks even as she would go to work during the day. To think that she learned how to crochet just last month via Youtube and in this case, she only used a written pattern. Great job, honey!

So I’ll be turning in now and I leave you with a link to something called Space Engine, an astronomy simulator for your computer. It helps give me perspective and makes me grateful to be alive!  You can explore the known universe with this and it’s free to use, but do donate if you like it.

Good night all!


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