Jar Entry #31 – Nixi Broke My Heart Today

Besides the usual day, I had a bit of difficulty trying to make Nixi take a nap this morning. She was fussing for quite a while but wouldn’t sleep on the bed, the bouncer, the couch, in my arms, or on the play mat. I washed her carrier last night and it was still wet so I didn’t want to wear her with it. But alas, I had no choice but to use the slightly damp carrier just so she would sleep, which she promptly did. Looks like weaning her from the carrier will be more difficult than it seems.

But in the evening, when I was about to set off for the gym and with Nixi in her mom’s arms, she broke my heart. It was the first time she started to complain that I was leaving! She would usually do that with Hazel only but now she started to do that with me! So yes, my heart broke because I had to leave for a couple of hours, but it also leapt for joy because my little daughter loves me and was going to miss me.

I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for quite a while.


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