Jar Entry #29 – Busy Fun Day

We started this morning with me taking Hazel and Nixi to Bonifacio High Street so they could take a stroll while waiting for me to finish with my blood exam. When I got to St. Luke’s, I saw that the Pathology department where they extract my blood was quite sparse today even when normally there are a lot of people lined up for blood tests and other such analyses. Chinese New Year was being celebrated the whole weekend, apparently.

After about five minutes, I left St. Luke’s and headed back to Bonifacio High Street. Hazel wanted to check out a place with banana macadamia pancakes called Single Origin. Not a bad place, and good ambiance. We decided to stay and have brunch there so I ordered the img_20170129_120721English“, a dish with homemade bacon, a sausage with mustard, scrambled eggs, and a simple salad. Hazel had the homemade-corned-beef-benedict-smaller-versionHomemade Corned Beef Benedict. Both dishes were quite filling and rather tasty, and of course, we sampled each other’s dishes. Best corned beef I’ve ever had. We ordered the banana-macadamia-pancakes-smaller-versionBanana Macadamia Pancakes, of which there were two, and I gotta admit, it looked good. Half an inch thick and with ample amounts of butter and maple syrup…but we found it too filling, and certainly no match for Boots and Kimo’s. I had to have it with coffee just to be able to finish my pancake and Hazel couldn’t finish hers. The price of the meals was reasonable for the quality though.

We decided to walk around for a bit to help the food go down and so we passed by Hobbes and Landes first. It is here that I found myself telling Nixi: “This is a toy store. This is where the toys that are for Dad can be found.” 😉

After a couple of minutes in the store, we proceeded to Mothercare, where we finally found a bouncer/jumper thingy (technical term)  that could be mounted at the top of a doorway and allows Nixi to bounce up and down without having to rely on my ability to lift her. It looks almost exactly like this but without toys hanging from it: baby-bouncer

It costs about Php 2,000 or about $40 and we tried it out as soon as we got back to the apartment.

It was about 3pm when we headed back to Makati to attend mass. a quick trip to the gas station to fill up then off to St. Andrews the Apostle Parish. NIxi fussed and was noisy for a bit during the sermon so Hazel put her in the carrier and stepped out for a couple of minutes before returning with Nixi fast asleep.

After mass and upon arrival in the condo unit, I set up the bouncer/jumper as well as Nixi’s solid meal for the day, mango again. She was uncomfortable with the bouncer at the start, but then started to enjoy it. But alas, she had to have her meal so she had some mango with a little breastmilk. Lo and behold, she would eat more if she’s not distracted! That entailed me hiding in the bedroom until Hazel finished feeding her but at least she ate a lot!

We headed to Greenbelt for dinner in Lorenzo’s Way with the in-laws and a couple of visitors from Hawaii, the Juans. The food was scrumptious as usual and we left way past closing time, to the chagrin of the wait staff. We said our farewells, except for Mamita who will be coming to the condo to take care of Nixi tomorrow. Because of this, they didn’t go back to Alabang and instead stayed in Columns Legaspi to minimize the trips.

We got home around 11 and Nixi was still wide-awake so off to the jumper she went. A few more minutes of playing with her and she started to sleepy fuss si Hazel fed her until she fell asleep. I took a refreshing shower and am now getting settled in myself.

Good night, everyone! Back to the daily grind!



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