Jar Entry #28 – Gong Xi Fa Cai! 

Happy Chinese New Year!

Today was a fun day with Nixi! We had breakfast in Columns with Mamita, Jamie and Gilbert and then we took Nixi for a little dip in the wading pool. She was apprehensive at first and didn’t like the cold water of the shaded pool, but she soon smiled and after 20 minutes of wading with her mom, we decided to head back up so Nixi could take a bath. 

We ordered the Pizza Hut Chinese New Year promo for Php599 and while waiting for the three pizzas to arrive, Gilbert and I hit the gym. By the time I got back from showering, everyone else had eaten already and I still had to take my shake. In spite of the shake and half a liter of milk, I still ended up eating 5 slices! Good thing I have that shake to help keep my cholesterol and sugar down.

We headed back to our apartment around 6pm and we watched a few TV shows while having a shawarma dinner from Sultan with ice cream for dessert. Somehow the quality and amount of ingredients used in the shawarma changed already and it seems they may have a different chef now. I’ll give them some feedback so hopefully they can restore the old recipe.

Since I plan to have a blood exam tomorrow morning around 9 or 10, no intake from 11pm onwards for me. I hope the results will be favorable!


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