Jar Entry #22 – Visiting Grandpa

Today, Nixi got to eat her first solids! She had mashed papaya mixed in breastmilk. She took to it like a champ and true enough, her poop output was greater than usual, haha! 

We also visited my dad, her grandpa, at lunch time. Nixi wasn’t very fussy when he would play with her and the moment she would start, he would pass her over to Hazel to calm her down. This helped Nixi get used to grandpa as she often gets separation anxiety these days. 

We went to a nearby mall in the evening for dinner and some grocery shopping as Nixi’s diaper supplies were running low. We enjoyed the food and the brief stroll and come time to go home, Nixi was simply relaxed in grandpa’s arms. I think she was getting sleepy that time. 

Heading home, a light drizzle had set in. Nixi was asleep in the car seat to the sounds of lullabies. When we got settled at home, Grandpa messaged us saying he enjoyed the day. 

Today was a good day. 


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