Breakfast in Tagaytay (Jar Entry #2)

We got up bright and early today because we planned a trip to Tagaytay. Since it’s still a holiday, everyone decided that a buffet breakfast in Balay Dako would be a great way to celebrate Ninang Laurie’s birthday early.

So we got up at 5:30 and quickly got ready as we were going to be picked up in Alabang at 6am. Nixi was still quite sleepy and when we were fetched, she was quickly asleep in the Fortuner. Of course, all the carcoleptics joined her as well.

There was a bit of traffic already as we approached Tagaytay and unfortunately, when we arrived in Balay Dako, it was already an hour’s wait to get seated! I guess 5am would have been a better time to set off for Tagaytay that day.

Good thing we had a plan B: Bag O Beans! It was a short distance from Balay Dako and we were seated after a 15min wait.jan-4-tagaytay-in-bag-o-beans-1

Of course, we indulged in the Filipino breakfast dishes they had there. And as you can see above, I ordered the tocino with poached eggs and garlic rice. Their refillable Kape Barako rounded out my meal.

The others ordered either the fried milkfish or the longaniza and we enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere. It wasn’t as cold as we were hoping for but it was cool enough. Nixi didn’t get to wear her sweater for very long.


We set off for home around 10:30am with me on the wheel. The way back was still relatively clear but traffic heading up to Tagaytay reached all the way to Nuvali! That was at least a 3 hour drive compared to a usual 45min one! Good thing we were early!

As we were on the tollway, Nixi started to fuss. In spades! She was crying and all the passengers were doing their best to distract her but to no avail! Since she was in her car seat, we couldn’t take her off of it until we got home.The poor dear was exhausted!

We finally get home and with one ear slightly deaf, Hazel quickly took her off the car seat. The poor dear was exhausted! After a bit of a chat, Ninang Laurie and Mary left for home and we settled in for a nap. We headed back to the condo past 4pm to avoid the homecoming traffic and got ready for the next day.

Here we go, 2017!


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